Boontawee [Meng] Suntisrivaraporn
Dr. Ing. Boontawee Suntisrivaraporn
Room 3030, Nöthnitzer Str. 46
Office Tel.: +49 351 463-39209
EMail: My EMail
Dresden University of Technology
Department of Computer Science
Institute for Theoretical Computer Science
01062 Dresden

I am a postdoc at the Chair for Automata Theory, which belongs to the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science at TU Dresden, and a former member of the Postgraduate Programme "Specification of Discrete Processes and Systems of Processes by Operational Models and Logics" (DFG, GRK 334/3). Currently, I am working on a DFG-funded research project under grant BA 1122/11-1 and involved in the EU project "Thinking ONtologiES, aka TONES" (EU, 007063-2).

My research interests mainly concern Description Logics and their practical applications, with emphasis on fast logics and life science ontologies. I am also interested in ontology engineering and the Semantic Web.

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