The PAuL workshop has been canceled this year!


Reykjavik, Iceland, July 6, 2008

PAuL 08 is affiliated to ICALP 2008.


There is a recent trend to study probabilistic extensions of traditional concepts of automata-theory and logics. The applications of such probabilistic formalisms cover the analysis of randomized protocols, biological systems, multi-agent systems with uncertainties, security protocols, speech recognition, logic programming, description logics for the semantic web, and many more. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers that are interested in the foundations of probabilistic automata and probabilistic logics and their applications. The topics of interests include

  • probabilistic finite or omega-automata as language-acceptors (composition operators, algorithms, minimization, efficiency, learning algorithms, etc.)
  • probabilistic automata and variants thereof as formal models for systems with randomization, stochastic assumptions, or uncertainties, (specification techniques, modelling languages, equivalences and preorders, composition operators, verification algorithms, etc.)
  • logics to reason about probabilistic phenomena such as randomized behaviors, probabilistic knowledge, uncertainties, etc. (algorithms and proof systems for satisfiablity, axiomatization, model checking, expressiveness, etc.)
  • stochastic games
  • applications of probabilistic automata or logics

Program Committee

Christel Baier, co-chair
Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
Marcus Groesser, co-chair
Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
Joseph Halpern
Cornell University, USA
Marek Karpinski
Universität Bonn, Deutschland
Antonin Kucera
Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Annabelle McIver
Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
Catuscia Palamidessi
LIX, Ecole Polytechnique, France

Invited Speakers

Kousha Etessami
University of Edinburgh, UK
Title: "Probability, Recursion, Games, and Fixed Points"


Submissions are encouraged in two categories, namely regular papers and presentations.
  1. A regular paper submission has to be original, previously unpublished work. It must not be submitted elsewhere. Regular paper submissions must not exceed 15 pages, possibly followed by a clearly marked appendix which will be removed for the proceedings and contains technical material for the reviewers.
  2. A presentation submission is a report on recent or ongoing work on relevant topics and ideas. There is no restriction as for previous/future publication of the contents of a presentation. Typically, a presentation is based on a paper which recently appeared (or which is going to appear) in the proceedings of another recognized conference, or which has not yet been submitted. The presentation submission should consist of at least 4 and at most 12 pages.
All submissions must be in pdf-file format using the guidelines of ENTCS. Please use the latex style file prentcsmacro.sty to prepare your submission.

Use the PAuL08 submission page handled by the EasyChair conference system, to submit abstracts, papers and to update a previous submission. The workshop PC will review all submissions of both types to select appropriate ones for acceptance in each category, based on their relevance, merit, originality, and technical content. One author of each accepted paper (of both types) is expected to present and discuss her/his work at the workshop.


The revised version of accepted regular papers will be published online in an Elsevier ENTCS volume devoted to the ICALP 2008 workshops.
The presentations will not be published, but a print-out of the presentation as well as the regular papers will be distributed among the participants of the workshop.


Christel Baier,
Marcus Groesser,

Important Dates

Paper Submission: April 28, 2008
Author Notification: June 04, 2008
Final Version: n/a
Workshop: has been canceled

Final ENTCS Version due: n/a
(only regular papers)