Family-based Modeling and Analysis for Probabilistic Systems - Featuring ProFeat

On this page you can find the additional material provided for our FASE'16 publication.

Source code of the ProFeat tool (version For build instructions, please refer to the file contained in the archive.
We provide binaries for Mac OS X (64 Bit) (tested under OS X 10.11.4 (El Capitan)) and for Linux (x86_64) (tested under Debian Wheezy).

ProFeat models of all case studies presented in the paper.

Performance results for the analysis of the case studies.

Note that this page does and always will only show the version of ProFeat and case studies used in the FASE'16 publication.
Additional development in this field has been reported at the journal version of this paper that appeared at FAoC'18.
For the current version of ProFeat we refer to